Sea Cargo

The Company up to date handled many project imports and heavy value of exports as per the customs rules and regulations. For more than 23 years we are handling various types of cargo including break bulk cargo / break bulk liquid cargo and container cargo (hazardous and non-hazardous).


We are handling Imports of Fertilizers & Chemicals, Project Equipments Machinery (Both Containerized and Break Bulk), Telecommunication equipment, new and second hand Jute and Textile Machinery, Chemicals like Pentane, Citric acid, Ethyl benzene (Hazardous), Synthetic rubber, Poly propylene, graduals, chartable goods, Raw Cashew nuts, sensitive cargo like “Sandal Wood”, office equipments like Computers and Xerox Machines, Opticals, MP3 Players etc.,


We are handling Exports of Reefer Cargo like Shrimps, Fish, Crabs, Medicines, and Chemicals etc. Dry Cargo like Cashew Kernels, Palmyra Fiber, Rice, Human Hair, Sandal Wood, Granite Blocks, Polystyrene, Alumina Powder(Break Bulk), Bulk Drug, Coffee, etc.,